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Choose your suitable Magnetic Tools from Fixing and Pull Magnets series:

welding magnet

Arrow Welding Magnet

square welding magnet

Square Welding Magnet

welding magnet with switch

Welding Magnet with Switch

multi angle welding magnet

Multi-Angle Welding Magnet

thread ndfeb magnet

Thread NdFeB Magnet

magnetic earth clamp

Magnetic Earth Clamp

handle magnet

Handle Magnets

holding magnet

Holding Magnets

standard holding and retrieving magnet

Standard Holding Magnet

super retrieving and holding magnet

 Super Holding Magnet

portable magnetic lifter

Portable Magnetic Lifter

pot magnets,pot magnet

NdFeB Pot Magnets

magnetic hooks

Magnetic Hooks

magnetic base with knob

Magnetic Base With Knob

powerful magnetic hook

Powerful Magnetic Hook

magnetic clasp

Magnetic Clip

magnetic ring

Magnetic Ring

handle ring magnet,lifing ring magnet

Handle Ring Magnet

magnetic carabiner hook

Magnetic Carabiner Hook

rubber coated magnetic hook

Rubber-coated Magnetic Hook

Rubber handle magnet

Rubber Handle Magnet

Dailymag Magnetics supply  Magnetic Tools listed below:

Applied Magnets: Magnetic Tool     Magnetic Assembly    Magnetic Assemblies
Magnetic Tools: Magnetic Fuel Saver    Magnetic Sweeper    Magnetic Bulk Lifter
  Magnetic Push-Pull Attractor    Magnetic Pick-up Tools   Welding Magnet
  Magnetic Pick-up Arm    Magnetic Pick-up Tool Attachment
  Magnetic Waist Holder    Magnetic Wrist Holder    Magnetic Tool Holder
  Handle Magnet    Holding Magnet    Super Retrieving and Holding Magnet
  Standard Retrieving and Holding Magnet    Rubber Handle Magnet
  Magnetic Weld Holders    Magnetic Hooks    Universal Latch Magnet
Magnetic Base With Knob    Magnetic Ring    Magnetic Hooks
  Powerful Magnetic Hook    Magnetic Clip     Super Latch Magnet
  Latch Magnet    Channel Magnets    Magnetic Pole Identifier
  Magnetic Door Catcher    Car Magnets    Magnetic Water Conditioner
  Magnetic Wands    Magnetic Kit Tools    Fridge Magnets
  Magnetic Hitch Aligner    Magnetic Tray    Magnetic Bowl Set
  Magnetic Jewellery Clasp    Magnetic Thumbtacks
  Educational Magnet    Office NdFeB Magnets    Flexible Magnetic Tape
  High Energy Rubber Magnet    Office Ceramic Magnets
Magnetic Material: NdFeB Magnet    SmCo Magnet    Ceramic Magnet    Cast AlNiCo Magnet
  Flexible Rubber Magnet    Daily Use Magnet                                         
Industrial Magnets: Magnetic Sweepers    Holding Magnets      Magnetic Lifters   
  Magnetic Chucks     Magnetic Tool Holders    Welding Magnets
  Super Latch Magnets    Magnetic Filter                                          
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