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Handle Magnet

Handle Magnets

Item No. 221025
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  25  lbs. 

Item No. 221050
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  50  lbs. 

Item No. 221100
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  100  lbs. 

Item No. 221150
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  150  lbs. 

Item No. 221225
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  225  lbs.

handle magnet
Powerful Handle Magnet                 (Magnetic Handle Holder)

Handle magnets are perfect magnetic tools that are used for retrieving scattered ferrite objects, including screws, nuts, nails and bolts. Meanwhile, they can be used to lift heavy metal objects. such as shelving, beams and doors. Handle Magnets feature solid steel construction with welded machine. With easy grip handle they are used for various purposes.


  • The handle magnets are used for removing iron nails, screws etc. from degreasing and paint tanks.
  • They are also suitable for lifting heavy metal objects like shelves, sheet metals doors etc.
  • These magnets position metal pieces for cutting, welding and sign building applications.
  • The handle magnets are helpful in clearing large areas, floors etc.

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