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magnetic bowl

Magnetic bowls

A must have bench top accessory that keeps small parts accessible and all in one place to prevent loss.

Magnetic Bowls with an extra strong magnet to stop you loosing vital component parts on the floor, under the workbench, or in the grass. Different sizes and style for your selecting.


Item No.: 611004

4'' Magnetic bowl (stainless steel)


Item No.: 612004

4'' Magnetic bowl (spray with painting)


Item No.: 611006

6'' Magnetic bowl (stainless steel)


Item No.: 612006

4'' Magnetic bowl (with hanging ear)

Magnetic bowl with handle

Throw iron parts into the bowl, won't leave till you pick them up. 


Item No.: 614013    13'' Magnetic Bowl

magnetic bowl
magnetic bowl magnetic bowl

magnetic plate

Magnetic dish / Magnetic plate

For storage of nuts, bolts, screws, etc. whilst working. Magnetic Plate has magnetic base for affixing to metal objects such as vehicle bodywork, tool boxes etc. Magnetism transfers to inner surface of Magnetic Plate to retain small metal parts, nuts, bolts, etc. Sold loose.


Item No.: 613010   

10-1/2X11-1/2 Magnetic Plate

Magnetic tray set
A  great  space  saver--four  15"  diameter  trays  give  you  plenty  of  storage  without  taking  up  a  lot  of  space  on  your workbench.

Item No.: 615015
Divided  stirage  spaces
18"  high
Ball  bearing  glide 
Durable  black  enamel  finish

magnetic tray set

magnetic tool set Magnetic bowl & holder set

Item No.: 814004

1pc-5-1/2"x9-1/2"  Rectangular  Magnetic  Bowl

1pc-6"  Rectangular  Magnetic  Bowl

2pc-18-1/4"  Magnetic  Tool  Holder/Storage  Bars


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