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Item No.: 135065   65LBS Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Attachment

Dailymag Magnetics - Magnetic Pick-up Tool Attachment

  What is Magnetic Pick Up Tool Attachment?

Magnetic Pick-up Tool attachment is a type of very good magnetic assembly for wide application. Built-in a strong Ferrite Magnet in magnetic base, Magnetic Pick-up Tool Attachment supply strong magnetic force to picking up nails, nuts, screws, bolts, spanners and related hardware tools, and other metal objects very easily. Magnetic Pick-up Tool Attachment is made in a standard thread in this round magnetic base. It is very easy and convenient to be attached in a handle to start his work. Magnetic Pick-up Tool Attachment  own adjustable part to reach different orientation and you will get the best position to pick up the ferrite parts.

A smooth Plastic part protects the magnet inside Magnetic Pick-up Attachment. With the help of this smooth plastic part, you can take off the attracted ferrite parts very easily without any potential injuring.

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