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Holding and Retrieving Magnets, Handle Magnets

holding and retrieving magnet holding and retrieving magnet
Item No. Description
231025  Standard Holding and Retrieving Magnet, Lifts up to  25LBS
231050  Standard Holding and Retrieving Magnet, Lifts up to  50LBS
231100  Standard Holding and Retrieving Magnet, Lifts up to  75LBS
231150  Standard Holding and Retrieving Magnet, Lifts up to  150LBS
231225  Standard Holding and Retrieving Magnet, Lifts up to  225LBS
232040   Super Holding and Retrieving Magnet, Lifts up to  40LBS
233100   Common Holding and Retrieving Magnet, Lifts up to  100LBS

Holding and Retrieving Magnets (Holding Magnet)

We supply a wide range of Holding and Retrieving Magnets, including Standards Holding and Retrieving Magnets, Super Holding and Retrieving Magnets and Common Holding and Retrieving Magnets to worldwide customers. You can customized your own size Holding and Retrieving Magnets, too.

Standard and Common Holding and Retrieving Magnets can be plated with both Red painting and Black painting. A hole is built-in the magnets to attach the eyebolt for different application. Eyebolt and nut are included in each magnet. Holding and Retrieving magnets offer hundreds of commercial and industrial uses, including retrieving hand tools and other metal items from waterways, retrieving an outboard motor from the bottom of a lake, and sporting, household, industrial and commercial uses. Eyebolt and nuts included. They have high water resistance and heat resistance  performance. They contain good quality of ceramic (ferrite) magnets and is capable of lifting up to 25LBS - 225LBS. Under normal use, permanent magnetism guaranteed.

Super Holding and Retrieving Magnets  are special design with Heavy-duty retrieving function. They are made of plastic and magnets. With this design, they have good appearance and prevent potential injuring during working time. Please add the enclosed eyebolt on the top or side of the Holding Magnet and use to hold, lift and hang objects. Hundreds of uses are possible. NOTE: They are not fit for working in the water or heating environment.

NOTE: Pounds pull is rated by vertical test on 3/8in. thick ground steel plate. Pounds pull rating will be reduced if the item you wish to lift is thinner, painted, or an uneven surface.


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