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magnetic push-pull attractor

Item No.: 123250 / 123270/ 124350     Magnetic Push-Pull Attractor


What is Pull-and-push Magnetic  Attractor (Magnetic Push-Pull attractor) ?

Component Part: Stainless steel body non-responsive to magnets plus high quality and high performance materials.  

Features: Pull-and push Magnetic Attractor has strong permanent magnet power and can hoist metal pieces or metal substances onto or around its lower end. Pull-and-push magnetic attractor can attract metal pieces or iron substances in liquids, in powder or among grains and/or granules, such as iron substances from electroplating bath, separating iron dusts, iron chips, and iron filings from lathes, attracting small metal needles and pieces fallen on the ground or separating metal from other materials.

Application: Put this attractor into the area or container where there are metal pieces or substances and they will gather to the lower end or round itself. Then put the attractor into the recovery tray, and pull the handle up, most of the metal substances will fall into the tray. Position of the blocking piece may be adjusted as need be, reset the attractor after all iron/steel pieces have fallen into the recovery tray. Reset the attractor bar and apply it again and again. The magnetic power will never weaken.

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