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Item No.: 813004    

4pcs of Magnetic Tray set

magnetic tray

Item No.: 621006     6'' Magnetic Tray

Item No.: 621008     6'' Magnetic Tray

Item No.: 621010     10'' Magnetic Tray

Item No.: 621012     12'' Magnetic Tray

magnetic tray magnetic tray

What is Magnetic Tray?

Magnetic Tray is a special device with magnetism that may be optionally attached onto any iron part of a tool box for vehicle and/or household maintenance and repair, machineries, equipments, etc.

The outstanding structural design of Magnetic Tray will help users get rid of the annoying scattered hardware fittings, parts and tools and keep them in one place for easy handling. The tough powder coated surface resists chips and won't rust.

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