Magiko: A Brilliant Brand of Dailymag Magnetic Products

Magiko is a new brilliant brand of Dailymag Magnetic series products.It is with excellent design and best quality.

Magiko: A Brilliant Brand of Dailymag Magnetic Products

Magiko is a new brilliant brand of Dailymag Magnetic series products.
It is with excellent design and best quality.

We offer a comprehensive service for you.
You will enjoy a unexceptionable experience with Magiko products.

Apollo Magnetic Fuel Saver

magnetic fuel saver

Luxury Power Magnetic Fuel Saver

 magnetic fuel saver
Power Oil Filter Magnet

power oil filter magnet
S-Power Oil Filter Magnet

oil filter magnet
Power Telescoping Magnetic Pick-up Arm

Power Telescoping Magnetic Pick up Arm

King Power Magnetic Fuel Saver

king power magnetic fuel saver

All You Need To Know About MAGIKO

Magiko: A brief overview

Dailymag is the parent company of Magiko. Magiko is focused on market research around the world in partnership with Dailymag. Magiko has multiple product lines, a highly experienced R&D group, and unequalled responsiveness, making DailyMag a leading Chinese source of permanent magnets, attractive apparatuses, linear actuators, with sharps containers on our way to becoming the same. Charles Yao, president of Dailymag and an entrepreneur, engineer, and strong group, lead Dailymag to success. Along with yield from several suppliers in close collaboration, DAILYMAG also has three subsidiary factories with highly regulated processes - ranging from material sourcing through QC and delivery.

Staff And Projects

Five critical members of that group are either engineers or have a profoundly technical background. Apollo Peng is a "hands-on" project supervisor, particularly with product design viewpoints that he intently continues and his attention on attractive products.  A substantial portion of DAILYMAG's award-winning designs and more than 100 licenses came from his direct involvement and oversight projects. Rachel Pan, like Apollo, has been handling materials and instruments since she was a teenager. However, this is true at DAILYMAG, as we take an active role in ensuring that we develop and improve our staff both in their positions and careers and personally. We look forward to hearing from you, and be prepared to provide more than a citation. We will present some surprising findings from prominent corporations worldwide, including Wal-Mart, Total, Philips, Bosch, and others. Plan to establish a long-term, mutually prosperous business relationship with the reliable choice for industrial magnets, magnet products, linear actuators, and sharps containers.

Organiser Of Magiko

YAO is The organizer of Magiko and Dailymag. Magiko is an auxiliary of Dailymag. Daily max is a foundation of brands developed and based on strategy; the YAO technique is a strategy for conveying items that are initially protected, bringing them proficiently, and doing it at the most elevated innovation level.
The YAO Method of Efficiency
·    Comprehend customers better than customers get themself
·    Answer inquiries before questions emerge
·    Endeavor to be awesome

The YAO Method of Solution
·    Tackle issues before they become issues
·    Carry energy and life to tackle issues truly
·    We do it proficiently, rapidly, and as far as possible

The YAO Method of Innovation
·    We take thoughts and ideas, advance them and carry answers for you
·    Create, advance, and move items to the market as pioneers
·    Be the motivation for innovation advancements on the planet

Magiko Advantage

Magiko is head to head with Dailymag on worldwide statistical surveying. Daily max is a leading provider of OEM and ODM extremely durable magnets, attractive equipment and apparatuses, linear actuators, and sharps holders.
1) High-level Machining Ability
We value offering better assistance and items than our clients. Our machining offers incredible pivot time, cutthroat estimating, and predominant superior grade.
2) Strong Design Ability
Our group has insight in all fields identifying with item plans and improvement.  We can assist you with any requirements for your new item or further upgrades you wish to make.
3) Responsibility Accountability
High-quality materials are the premise of each practical item we proposition to overall clients. We centre around uniform properties and low variety, so execution is typically dependable.
4) Stable Quality
Our administration incorporates regular and intensive examinations throughout the assembling system, eliminating the need to utilise extra quality control assessors.
5) Free Samples Available
Perhaps the most significant concern when buying from a Chinese provider, particularly interestingly, is when the products show up precisely what you need.
6) Responsive in 24 Hours
We will respond to any inquiries within 24 hours if you have any. And our team will make sure that your issues and enquiries are cleared.

Service Offered by Magiko

Magiko provides attractive and medical products with adequate arrangements and services that are professional and comprehensive. 


Our team of highly experienced design engineers in the fields of Magnetics, Mechanicals, and Electrical are ready to work together with you.

Sampling of products

We get your product tested during all four phases of the manufacturing process to ensure accuracy and satisfaction. 


In partnership with our R&D group, we advance our company beyond the curve through - ANTICIPATE THE MARKET - TECHNOLOGICAL STRENGTH. 

Quality Control at Magiko R&D

Established by unique and notable Chinese business person Charles Yao, MAGIKO'S solid organisation culture is mixed with his forward-looking ways of thinking and utilises his particular techniques. To satisfy such needs, the R&D Department is wholly centred around taking advantage of the tremendous assets of involvement and specialised abilities accessible inside MAGIKO while keeping in touch and planning to expect innovative advances and developing business sectors. The hierarchical way of thinking depends on keeping up with close binds with MAGIKO'S exercises, every one of which has its R&D groups, observing the arrangement of progressing research projects at both neighbourhood and worldwide levels.

At MAGIKO, we realise that we're just comparable to our items and administration. In light of that, we utilise just the most rigid standards and least factor resilience prerequisites conceivable to keep up with thorough quality control conventions. Our strict QC rules and qualified monitors guarantee that unquestionably the best items bear the MAGIKO name. Our definite cycles start with our QC Engineer pulling arbitrarily chosen things from substituting product offerings and conveys them straightforwardly to our Quality Control Lab. QC Inspectors then, at that point, carry out tests that remember incorporated specialised investigations to test for pollutants for some markers. All items are needed to fall inside probably the strictest business resistances. All QC testing is done notwithstanding the battery of routine tests in our Research and Development office.

Research and development's essential mission is in giving dynamic and forward-looking help for MAGIKO'S different organisations, prompting item improvement and advancement to all the more likely serve ebb and flow markets and upgrade our strategic advantage. Our optional mission adds to MAGIKO'S promotion and development through mechanical advances, empowering new market entrance. Following the MAGIKO'S advancement and administration systems on Magnetic and Medical Products markets, the organisation should foster precise, noteworthy customers' complex needs.


We have three expert industrial facilities, serving long-lasting magnets, attractive instruments, a sharps compartment, and some. As a one-stop arrangement supplier, our goal is to offer solid support to you. We have demonstrated over and over to be a confided in exchanging accomplice and producer.

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