Super Latch Magnet / Universal Latch Magnet

What is Universal Latch Magnet & Super Latch Magnets?

Latch magnets are very important and excellent magnets which are used for locking doors, windows, pool gates and so on. Latch Magnets ( Universal Latch Magnets & Super Latch Magnets) are powerful and reliable. They are made of various shapes, sizes and width depending upon the applications. You can use Latch Magnets widely.

Types of Latch Magnets
Depending on the functions and configuration, Latch magnets are of following types:

  • Super Latch Magnets
    Super latch magnets are powerful magnets which can lift, hold or retrieve metal objects up to hundred times their own weight. Featuring welded solid steel construction, latch magnets can be used to secure gates or doors.
  • Universal Latch Magnets
    Universal latch magnets are normally set in durable red plastic casing with four elongated holes which allows multi-directional and adjustable mounting.

How gate latch magnet functions?
When the latch is set into action, a powerful magnet draws a latch bolt from one housing into the other, latching it securely. The latch can't be disengaged from shaking pushing or pulling. Since there is no mechanical resistance to closures, it eliminates the sticking jamming and sagging which are typical to mechanical gate latches.

Magnetic Door Catchers

Latch magnets have following applications:

  • Door latch and Door stops
  • For holding key rings, nameplates, nozzles and ferrous metal objects.
  • Tool holder
  • Magnetic clamps
  • Fixture holder
  • Paint fixtures