Magnetic Hook, Magnetic Ring, Magnetic Clip

Magnetic Hooks, Magnetic Clips and Magnetic Rings are widely used in your life. You can use them to hanging bird cage, your bags, your dress and so on with magnetic hooks. You can clip note paper, note pads, and working plan with magnetic clips.

Magnetic Hook, Magnetic Ring, Magnetic Clip
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Magnetic Hooks, Magnetic Clips and Magnetic Rings are widely used in your life. You can use them to hanging bird cage, your bags, your dress and so on with magnetic hooks. You can clip note paper, note pads, and working plan with magnetic clips.

Magnetic Ring is super powerful. It is made of Neodymium Magnet and you can hang keys or chains. Very useful in your warehouse and stores.

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Magnetic Hooks

Many a time to save space and keep everything organised around the house we tend to hang some small materials like key chains, scissors, a lighter, etc. so that it’s easily available as well as not scattered anywhere inside. This is a problem that every household faces nowadays, but now we have got a smart solution for it and that is the use of magnetic hooks. These can also be used in office spaces where you need to keep your cubicles or room organised and essential things in a hand distance.

Now you must be wondering why do we even need to buy a magnetic hook when normal plastic or iron hooks are available as well as comparatively cheap, and we have nails and screws where we can hang any item which is lying around in our house. Well to understand that we first need to know what exactly is a magnetic hook, how does it magnetic properties come into action, and why is it considered better than all the other remaining options.

What is a Magnetic Hook?

A magnetic hook is a special kind of pot magnet in which there is a hook attached to it such that any kind of items can be hung on it. A magnetic hook contains a powerful NdFeB permanent magnet that has a strong magnetic force and does not lose its magnetism easily. The magnet is covered by a steel shell and has one open face whereas the other one which is covered has a hook attached to it.

Now enclosing the magnet in a steel shell is an essential part of construction for the magnetic hook since it is responsible for increasing the strength of the magnet tenfold. In such magnets, the north pole is in the middle and the south pole surrounds it, thus covering the magnet with a steel shell does not allow any magnetic field lines to escape outside the magnet and is contained inside thus increasing its strength.

As the magnetic hooks contain a heavy-duty magnet which is generally used for industrial purpose for lifting heavy and bulky ferromagnetic materials, they do not lose their magnetism. The heavy-duty, neodymium magnets present in the magnetic hooks are one of the worlds strongest magnets and even if it is present in a small amount it is capable of lifting heavy loads. For example, magnetic hooks with a diameter of 75mm have a maximum load-carrying capacity of 130 kgs.

Types of Magnetic Hooks

These magnetic hooks are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the user requirements since these also determines the maximum load the specific magnet can withstand. So now let us discuss the various kinds of magnetic hooks.

Round Hook Magnets
This is the most common type of magnetic hooks with a round backing plate in which the magnet is attached. These are round in shape and can hold lightweight materials. They are generally used in refrigerators and has a maximum load capacity of 1 pound.

Square Hook Magnets
As the name suggests these type of magnetic hooks are typically square. These magnetic hooks instead of being made up of a single solid neodymium magnet, are made up of small magnets which are stacked together on top of one another. These can carry weights up to 4 pounds and are generally used in steel doors and cabinets.

Spray Gun Hook Magnets
These magnetic hooks are Y in shape and are capable of carrying a heavy load. They are used in garages and workshops due to their high weight lifting capacity. These heavy-duty magnets can easily lift weights of over 150 pounds.

Carabiner Hook Magnets
These kinds of magnets are built in a carabiner shape and can carry extremely heavyweights. Such magnets due to their built-in, carabiner locking mechanism combined with the strong magnetic force of heavy-duty magnets are easily capable of lifting weights of more than 360 pounds. These are garages to hang heavy instruments.

Factors Affecting the Functioning of Magnetic Hook

Now while using magnetic hooks there are a lot of factors that can lead to its failure. But there are 3 important ones out of which even if one fails the magnetic hook stands useless.

The magnetism of the Magnetic Hook
The magnetic hooks will only be able to hold the things on their hook if they are firmly attached to the metallic surface using their strong magnetic force. This means that their magnetic strength directly affects the functioning of the magnet. Therefore, the stronger the magnetism the more efficiently the magnetic hook will perform its task.

Installation of the Magnetic Hook
If the metallic surface onto which the magnetic hook is mounted is not clean or flat, or if it is rusted then the magnetic hook would not be stable and eventually fall off. An incorrect installation will eventually affect the functioning of the magnet and can later lead to casualties.

Load- Bearing Capacity
While using the magnetic hook one should keep in the mind the maximum load a magnet can withhold. Thus, if the load is too large the magnetic hook will fall off. Thus, this too directly impacts its functioning.

Applications of Magnetic Hook

The magnetic hook is small in size but very useful in our homes and offices. These can be used anywhere ranging from indoor cabinets and roof fixing to exhibition fittings and industrial equipment. In your kitchen you can attach these hooks to your cabinets where you can hang your pots and pans, thus keeping everything organised, easily reachable, as well as increasing space in your cabinet. In the office, magnetic hooks can be used to organise your stuff properly and neatly. If you want to replace its position you can simply detach it and place it somewhere else without even thinking once about the magnet losing its magnetism. These are very reliable and comes in handy.


Therefore, by now I hope you are familiar with magnetic hooks and their vast use and implications in our day to day life. We can say even if plastic hooks are cheap they wear off easily whereas iron hooks get rusted, but in the case of magnetic hooks, they restore their magnetism forever and can be used for years. In the case of nails and screws, they damage your walls and are also not very much reliable whereas magnetic hooks can be placed anywhere and their position can also be changed without damaging the surface. Thus, magnetic hooks can be the most ideal option.

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