Magnetic Tool Holder

Magnetic Tool Holder consists of metal pieces and strong magnets. Magnetic Tool Holders Organize, holds and displays Hardware Tools, such as Hammers, Wrenches, Screwdriversand Much More. Magnetic Tool holders are very perfect for use in garages, workshop, service stations, home, even in side the trucks and vans. It is very good to use for all your kitchen knives too

Magnetic Tool Holder
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Magnetic Tool Holders, Magnetic Knife Holder

magnetic tool holder

What is Magnetic tool holder?

Magnetic Tool Holder consists of metal pieces and strong magnets. Magnetic Tool Holders Organize, holds and displays Hardware Tools, such as Hammers, Wrenches, Screwdrivers
and Much More. Magnetic Tool holders are very perfect for use in garages, workshop, service stations, home, even in side the trucks and vans. It is very good to use for all your kitchen knives too

Dailymag Magnetics supply 18 inch and 24 inch magnetic tool holders for customer's selecting. If you are interesting in this item, please contact us for more information.

Component Part: Magnetic tool holder is made of Hard plastic bars  plus high quality strong magnetic pieces.

Application: Just nail the bar to the door or wall of your kitchen or room, or attach the bar to the iron or steel filing cabinet in your office, and you can attach onto it iron and / or steel things, such as screwdriver, pliers, scissors, kitchen knives, bunches of keys, beer bottle openers…

Features: Nice appearance, convenient for application, and its magnetic power never weakens. (Magnetic tool holder, magnetic knife tool)

Size and Format: Sizes and format vary at your request.


A magnetic tool holder is a storage device used to hang metallic tools (mainly made of iron and steel). Magnetic Tool Holder is made up of various string magnets and several metal pieces. These tool holders not only organize but also holds and display many hardware tools like wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and many more. It is an ideal choice for people working in workshops, garages, homes, service stations, and even inside the trucks & vans. Not only that women can use this magnetic tool holder to use it for all their kitchen knives too, making the tool useful in all scenarios.


1. Magnet Placement: Different magnets have a different kind of placement like some use a single and long magnet whereas others have several magnets placed on the ends and lined up on a steel bar. Now both type of placements has the same purpose i.e. holding small tools but the placement of the magnets will decide where you can place the items.

2. Finish: A few magnetic blocks are wrapped in a plastic covering that will remove in time. Some alternatives have a finished look with black powder that makes the magnets more resistant to scratches. that is more resistant to scratches. The plastic coating is cheap whereas a powdered finish is preferred for durability.

 3. Mounting Options: Installing a magnetic tool holder is an important and crucial task. Some people use a simple flush-mount in the wall, whereas others use brackets to mount them. On the other hand, some magnetic tool holder comes with both of these options.

4. Size and Weight Capacity: Magnetic tool racks are available in a variety of dimensions, ranging from 12 to 24 inches. It entirely depends on the user and their requirements like if someone has a lot of tools they will be needing a longer magnet organizer whereas, in places where space is limited the user can opt for a shorter bar. Now, keeping in mind the kind of tools that will be stored in the holder the customer can select from a range of holders having the capacity to withstand loads of 2 kg to 14 kg.

Types and Applications:

1. Heavy-duty magnetic tool holders: They are used in workshops, garages, manufacturing facilities, maintenance areas, and even in trucks and vans. Heavy-duty magnetic tool holders are necessary for these areas to firmly and securely hold heavy metal tools and objects. These tool holders are tightly screwed into walls or welded into the walls for more durability.

2. The stainless steel magnetic tool holders: They have a luxurious appearance and are perfect to use in kitchens and offices. They are very convenient to store all kinds of knives, cutlery, and metal tools.


1. Nice Appearance: Instead of tools lying all over the place or drawers and toolboxes stuffed with tools, making the working area a complete mess, the magnetic tool holders help organize the tools better. Metal tools can be easily arranged in an array on the magnetic bar keeping the workspace cleaner and giving an overall better appearance to the workspace.

2. Easy Installation: It can be installed anywhere the customer wants, from moving vehicles like trucks and cars to inside the houses. It can be mounted anywhere with a few screws. It does not even screw inside the home if one has metal cupboards and metallic portions on the wall.

3. Convenient to Use: Unlike drawers or toolboxes where tools are dumped and it becomes a real headache to find a tool from the mess in the time of need. Oftentimes, small tools get lost from the cluster of tools in the toolbox or drawers. Moreover, it’s also a lot of time consuming to find a specific tool from a whole bunch of tools. But with magnetic tools, the setup is far more organized. One just needs to attach a tool to the magnetic bar and it stays there until taken for further use. No tools get lost from magnetic tool holders as the magnets are attractive for keeping the tools stuck to the bar. Also, it is easier to find tools as the tools are displayed in front of the user’s eyes in an array and the user can pick any tool he requires and then stick it back to the same place with ease after use. Overall magnetic tool holders are much more convenient than other regular methods.

4. Magnetic Power: High quality strong permanent magnets are used in magnetic tool holders. Magnets exert an attractive force on any tool made of a ferromagnetic substance such as iron and steel. These strong magnets provide high lateral adhesion, that prevents slipping and also provides a strong hold on upright surfaces. The magnets used in heavy-duty magnetic tool holders are powerful enough to hold up to 9 kg of weight per inch on the bar. Since permanent magnets weaken over an extremely long period, magnetic tool holders will last for years without any problem.


If the user wants the best experience during the installation process, they should prefer buying it from the company that has designed and produced the magnetic knife bar themselves to have only one part. It shouldn’t matter whether the user has a concrete, brick, or wooden wall, they can easily use the quality screws and anchors to mount the magnetic tool holder onto their wall. The magnetic bar can be installed anywhere according to the user's needs due to its strong magnetic force. You should avoid buying weak and unguaranteed magnetic tool holders. Since not all magnetic tool holders aren’t built the same way and do not have enough magnetic force so while choosing a magnetic tool holder, the user must make sure it can handle the job it needs to do. 
Some other features that you must consider while buying a magnetic tool holder are:
1) SIZE: Try to find the right size according to your job. Magnetic tool holders come in various sizes like 12 or 24 inches. Buy a longer magnetic tool holder if you use a lot of tools otherwise if the space is limited, buy a shorter magnetic tool holder.

Magnetic tool holders have a minimum weight capacity of 5 pounds and a maximum weight capacity of 30 pounds. You should properly plan the type of tools that will be stored on the magnetic tool holder before purchasing it.

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