Rubber Coated Magnetic Hook

Rubber coated Magnetic HookFully rubber coated, never scratch the working surfaceColorful coatingPowerful Magnetic CapacityCustomized color is available.

Rubber Coated Magnetic Hook
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Item No.: 256010       Rubber Coated Magnetic Hook

What is Rubber Coated Magnetic Hook?

Rubber coated Magnetic Hook

Fully rubber coated, never scratch the working surface

Colorful coating

Powerful Magnetic Capacity

Customized color is available.


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When we think of hooks, we automatically think of the plastic hooks that everyone is acquainted with. However, we are aware that, while plastic hooks are handier and less expensive, their performance is less than ideal.

Many brilliant individuals have made minor inventions in recent years, getting some patented items, and gaining a lot of money by selling those patents. They are also supporting social growth at the same time. Magnet utility hooks arose as a result of this circumstance.

The initiative to Magnetic Hook:
Its presence demonstrates that a standard hook is ineffective. Things on certain kind of hooks such as plastic hooks frequently fall off after a short time. Many individuals have experienced similar situations, which have occasionally resulted in significant losses. The effort for error-free endurance lead to inventing an idea, with productivity enhanced that would guarantee every line that you stick on this magnetic hook will never fall off. 

The self-reliant Solution:
So someone created a type of permanent magnet utility hook, and the permanent magnet's performance decides how much force the hook can resist.
Almost all customers who have utilized magnet utility hooks instead of plastic or iron hooks may easily accept their usage once they were introduced to the market. It goes without saying that people will appreciate the ease with which magnetic hanging hooks may be used.

Easy on Budget, A complete Buy Worthy:
Someone would think “In the near run, there is no use for it.” Domestic people's consumption concepts dictate that they are unwilling to pay a greater price for a product all at once, especially when similar items with lower costs are available to compare. After you've used the magnetic hook, you'll realize that it's well worth the extra money, because the magnetic hook is far superior, independent of the ease or impact of usage. Plastic hooks, on the other hand, can only be used for a year or a few months, but magnetic hooks may be used for decades – a lifetime guaranteed product, with no maintenance to follow up!

What to take care for?
When you use magnetic hooks on smooth surfaces, there is a risk of taking it out back with weird looking scratches making the workplace seem rugged and rough. You would not want it? Therefore, Because of the strength of magnetic, if you wish to use these Magnetic Hooks on stainless steel refrigerators, it is recommended to place a tissue or anything else between the magnet and the surface to prevent scratches.

Want an easier and safer option? 
When you need to hold anything on a lovely, exquisite surface, you do everything you can to avoid scratching it, which is why the rubber coated super magnet was developed. Rubber coatings may successfully prevent direct contact with sharp, hard objects, reducing the risk of scratching.

Want to know about the unique feature of the hooks?
The moderate rubber material has been added, to refurbish its structure and increase the durability. Rubber covered magnets are a wonderful blend of force and protection along. These ultra-strong magnetic hooks are multipurpose goods that may be used virtually in any place and can grip almost anything. Unlike weaker magnets that slide all over the place, these magnets are strong enough to keep objects stationary. These magnets may be utilized in permanent applications with lots of holding force if connected to a smooth, clean metal surface.

Time for Distinct Distinctions: 
The magnet at the base of these little magnetic hooks is covered with a strong and durable black rubber. When pulled straight and placed on steel, it possesses unbeatable holding power. The hanging strength is reduced. This magnet can be used in an almost infinite number of ways as a holding magnet, but it's also useful for a variety of industrial and personal purposes.

Purposes & Benefits:
Rubber-coated magnets are designed to increase friction without scratching or marking surfaces, resulting in an amazing grip. These magnets have a rubber covering that makes them perfect for hanging outdoor signs and installing cameras or sensors.

What is the best position to hang it?
Rubber-coated magnets, which are best employed in a shear position, have a higher sliding resistance than ordinary magnets due to the greater friction created between a rubber and a smooth steel surface.

What is its grey area?
True, rubber coating does not add to increased force; rather, it lowers the part's holding force. With these rubber coated super magnets, however, if you use certain techniques, you may still achieve the desired force. Simply said, a rubber coating with a uniform thickness and a well-designed structure will increase the holding force, which is exactly what our rubber coated magnets do.

What are its applications?
Rubber Coated Magnets are used in a variety of applications. Typical applications include:
·Magnetic refrigerator hooks
·For steel doors, there are magnetic hooks.
·Kitchen hooks with magnets
·Locker hooks with magnets
·Picture hooks with magnets
Magnets with hooks may be utilized in a wide range of applications. Key holders and cable management, such as outdoor lights, magnetic kitchen hooks, and magnetic locker hooks, are some examples.

Advantages for Unique Magnetic Hook Design:
·Exceptional Finish: When the thick rubber coating on these sturdy tiny magnetic hooks is intact, they will not rust or be damaged by the weather.
·Can Almost Be Used Anywhere: This hook can carry more weight than other hooks because to its strong magnet.
·Quality Craftsmanship: This product is made from just the best materials, ensuring a long service life.
·Safe to use: Magnetic goods are safe to use in any project and may be reused several times.
·Easy application: Magnetic hooks are simple to remove and provide easy access.
·Environment adjustability: They blend in with any environment and provide a unique purpose.
·It's really simple to set up and utilize!

High-Tech Features include:
·Magnets with a rubber covering are not only protected against corrosion, but also from harm to their working faces.
·Rubber coated magnets are subjected to a very small shear force due to the rubber covering.
·Standard fasteners and accessories can be held by the rubber-coated magnets.
·Due to the anti-sticking action of rubber, rubber-coated magnets are also ideal for installation on flat surfaces.
·Rubber-coated magnetic hooks are also a good choice for hanging in moist areas or working in humid environments.
·The magnetic base's magnetic strength is enhanced by its unique magnetic structure. So that the magnetic hooks with rubber coating may be utilized for heavy-duty hanging.
·The magnetic hooks have such a tremendous pulling force that children are not permitted to play with them.

Basically, as long as they hold, you can use them anyplace. Because of the special rubber covering, they are more suited for sensitive surfaces than conventional magnetic goods.

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