Magnetic Door Catcher, Magnetic Door Holder

Magnetic Door Stops ( Magnetic door stopper) Magnetic door stop keeps doors open with powerful magnetic catch. No slamming doors. No damaged walls. Releases with gentle tug. Easy to install on door, floor or wall. Hardware included.

Magnetic Door Catcher, Magnetic Door Holder

Magnetic Door Stop / Magnetic Door Stops/ Magnetic Door Stopper / Magnetic Door Holder

magnetic door catcher, magnetic door stopper
magnetic door catcher, magnetic door stopper

magnetic door catcher, magnetic door stopper

Powerful magnetic door catchers ( Magnetic door stopper) make sure a wind gust won't slam the door in your face when you are bringing in the groceries! Mount the magnetic post on the floor or wall, and the smaller, spring-loaded, magnetic catch near the door bottom. Also protects wall from door knob. Gently pull door for easy release. Durable steel construction with strong magnets. Screws and anchors included. Please specify bright gold, white, black or polished chrome.


Dailymag Magnetics has a wide range of Magnetic Door Stops ( Magnetic door stopper) for customers. Our Magnetic Door Stops ( Magnetic door stopper) have good appearance and are widely used in office and home etc.



Nowadays, almost every house is well furnished and decorated. The most vital part of a house is a door which provides the impression about the house. Therefore, it should to protect dismissal from responsibility and the divider as expected. Hence, to take care of the door and the wall, we have a magnetic door stop. It is well known in the market by many names like magnetic door stopper, magnetic door holder, magnetic door striker, swing door, metal door, and many more. This is a device that is used to make a small gap between the door and the wall and prevents it from closing often. This is generally used to prevent scratches on the walls and to keep the doors well-furnished for a long time.


We should use this device because this device helps to prevent scratches on the wall and thus keeps your wall well decorated and well preserved as well. This provides a good impression. 
This device helps the door not to shut often and therefore keeps support to the door to keep it open unless you want the door to be opened. 
The device has a permanent magnet that holds the door and wall and thus provides a long-term magnetism as it does not lose its magnetism easily. 
It happen easy to use and maybe set up outside some question.


FLOOR MAGNETIC DOOR STOP: It is used for those doors where there are no walls nearby. And for that reason, it exist acceptable to use this ploy all the while this position. It is less visible and thus cannot be seen from the outside. Therefore, it is easy to use and gives a marvelous touch. Choosing a perfect style is necessary otherwise it may look awkward.

WALL MAGNETIC DOOR STOP: It is used behind those doors where the walls are near and installed in the doors to make a gap between the door and the walls. It is installed behind to make it less visible. It is generally used in my houses and choosing a perfect size and color is necessary otherwise this may look weird.


The models of the Magnetic door stop vary. According to the preferred budget, the materials are available. This may vary from color and model. This is classified into WOODEN, PLASTIC, and METAL.

WOODEN DOOR STOP: This is usually good for use. The characteristics make it less expensive as compared to the metals. The woods are biodegradable. But it is good for expensive halls and rooms as for the domestic rooms like bedrooms and shopping malls it may get damaged due to the water washing.

PLASTIC DOOR STOP: This exist very low in quality and smooth to produce for a common kin. It is well designed and works perfectly for use. Also, this is convenient to use and looks aesthetically beautiful. 

METAL DOORSTOP: This is the best of all. The metals work the best and work for a long duration. If one can afford a little bit more amount, then this is the best option. 


The device is much affordable and needed for household purposes. The models vary according to the prices. Due to the availability of many colors, it is more in demand. But due to the functions and workings, the size is fixed. The magnetic doorstep is made of two pieces of two models in which one of them gets attached to the door and the other one gets attached to the wall or the surface. The magnet consists of a permanent magnet that leads to no further shocks and doesn't lose its magnetism easily. The device varies from wood, plastic, and metals but the size and the functions remain the same. The holder is basically 
made of steel, copper, or brass, and many other materials are used to use this device conveniently.

If your door is making marks or scratches on the walls then the door stops are the best choice. First of all, you need to choose a perfect model and design according to your budget and buy it. Next, choose the door, and behind the door install the device. For the installation, you need to drill to place the screws. And then twist it on the door. Make sure that the wall piece is aligning with the door piece. And then attach it to the wall according to measurements. And therefore, you are done with the installation. This is the easiest way to install and also convenient to use. 

The magnetic doorstep is important for daily life purposes as it has several advantages. Almost all the houses have doors whether it is made of wood, plastic, metal or any poor or good condition. If the doors are near to the walls then they will cause scratches on the walls and we all know the real beauty of the room or house lies on the walls painted with care and lots of creativity. Therefore, it is very necessary to install a door stop behind the door as it will keep a minimum distance between the walls of the house and the door. Also, it happen very inexpensive to buy and easy to use. You can pass away in accordance with your budget and each of bureaucracy everything well. The size is kind of small so that it is not visible and the functions are to keep a minor gap between the walls and the door and also to prevent the door from closing simultaneously. The materials used here are of good quality. The device is generally used in bedrooms or drawing rooms. This provides an additional touch to the furniture. It is easy to install and one having simply a driller and screwdriver can easily install this. Installing this device makes the home look organized and beautiful. Therefore, it is recommended to use a magnetic door stop.

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