Item No.: 311018           18''  Magnetic Tool Holder

Item No.: 311024            24'' Magnetic Tool Holder

Item No.: 313018           18''  Magnetic Tool Holder with Plastic assembly parts

Item No.: 313024            24'' Magnetic Tool Holder with Plastic assembly parts

What is Magnetic tool holder?

Magnetic Tool Holder consists of metal pieces and strong magnets. Magnetic Tool Holders Organize, holds and displays Hardware Tools, such as Hammers, Wrenches, Screwdrivers
and Much More. Magnetic Tool holders are very perfect for use in garages, workshop, service stations, home, even in side the trucks and vans. It is very good to use for all your kitchen knives too

Dailymag Magnetics supply 18 inch and 24 inch magnetic tool holders for customer's selecting. If you are interesting in this item, please contact us for more information.