Magnetic Push Pin

Magnetic push pin, is also known as skittle magnet, is an ideal holding magnet for home, office educational use, to attract various items on the wall;

Magnetic Push Pins

Magnetic Push Pins are good tools to help us to organize the daily life. It can be used in the kitchen, office, school and etc.

It is small, but has very strong magnetic power. Like the ant.

For example, a D11xH17 magnet can stick 10 sheets of A4 paper on the wall tightly.


Different sizes of push pin magnet have different magnetic power.

Usually bigger dimension push pin magnet has stronger power.


Many different kinds of push pin magnet for you choose.

Some of them composed of high quality plastic shell and neodymium rare earth magnet.

And other of them composed of metal and neodymium rare earth magnet.


Magnetic Push Pin can be used on iron sheet, magnetic whiteboard, rubber and other ferromagnetic surfaces.

Such as fix all kinds of graphic materials, fixed sketching paper, can be used for painting and calligraphy magnet, art magnet, Chinese painting magnet, in the office, advertising, school and other fields are available special magnet.


Also they could provide a great help in our daily life.

You could stick them on any ferrous surface around the door and keep the key ring on it, you don’t need to waste to time to find the key then.

In the kitchen, you could stick memo on the refrigerator by magnetic push pin. It can hold a list of ingredients and you won’t miss any step.

Magnetic push pin can also hold scissors, help you save the space of the kitchen.



P. S.: although magnetic push pin helps a lot in our daily life, but it is also dangerous for little children.

Due to it is so small, and colorful appearance will attract small kid to swallow them. Children might think them as candy due to colorful appearance.

So pls keep the magnetic push pin away from the reach of the children.

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