Magnetic Wands (Magnetic Bingo Chips)

Magnetic wands are very good items which are suitable for holding metal parts, teaching, sewing, promotional and so on.

Magnetic Wands (Sewing Magnets)
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magnetic wand, magnetic wands

Magnetic wands are very good items which are suitable for holding metal parts, teaching, sewing, promotional and so on.

Magnet Wand is a vital tool when dealing with hand-held magnets. Magnetic wand contains a strong ceramic magnet that can be used to pick up paper clips, small metal objects or iron filings. This item is sure to provide an excellent experience when collecting magnets, testing magnets or just having fun with any magnetic activity. Meanwhile, they s are great for introducing young scientists to magnetism for the first time.

How does it work?

Toy: Very interesting toy, play magnetic wand with magnetic marbles.

Sewing Magnet: Catch the handle and put it as near as the needle, then you will hold the needles very easily.

Teaching: Wave your wand over all kinds of objects to see if they're magnetic! Experiment with iron filings and paper clips! Figure out what's "attractive" and what's not! There's even an Iron Filing Case that allows kids to study magnetism without spilling the filings on the floor .

What does it teach?

Students learn about the principles of magnetism, and discover the science behind magnetic fields, friction, and the magnetic poles of the earth. 

Promotional: You can print your LOGO in magnetic wand for promotional use.


Then What is Magnetic Bingo chips?

The Bingo Magnetic Wand and Chips we also call it magnetic wand with chips and bingo game set.

Usually 1 set of bingo magnetic wand and chips including 1 pieces of magnetic bingo wand and 100 pieces bingo chips, or sometimes 6PCS of assorted colored bingo magnetic wand with 600PCS metal chips as a big bundle. 

The color of the bingo magnetic wand and chips is quite beautiful. The most common color is rainbow color: Red, Green, Orange, Purple Yellow and Blue or customized color if you require. The chips usually translucent. Besides Color customization, we also support to print your logo on, or make a attractive package. 

The Bingo Magnetic Wand and Chips are always popular among Children. It’s a great STEM activity learning and teaching about magnetism, also it’s color counting & sorting and sensory play to plastic hand-eye coordination skills, sorting, patterning, counting. Besides, it also perfect for large group games, sensory bins, home school classroom games and educational activities, science experiments and activities. Kindly noted it is suitable for age from 3 years old. 

Size of the bingo magnetic wands and chips is kindly for both kids and adults. It measures 7inches in length and 1inch in width. The Chips measures 3/4inches in diameter. It is Compact and portable, really a great gift for school, party and family.

The Bingo Magnetic Wands usually made of environmental ABS plastic and strong ferrite magnets. And each plastic chips features a metal ring around the outside edge. So the Chips can be attracted by the magnetic wands easily and conveniently. Anyhow, the multi-functional Bingo Magnetic Wands can also attract metal balls, nails, paper clip, pins studs easily. It’s also very easily for household cleanup. 

Let's enjoy the wonderful Bingo Magnetic Wand and Chips and explore the magic of magnetism.



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