Magnetic Water Treatment for Scale Prevention

The Reason Why Magnetized Water can Prevent Scale and What is Magnetic Water Treatment Used for?


Water containing minerals such as calcium, magnesium and salts is called hard water. Rivers, lakes, Wells and springs are hard water. Tap water is river water, lake water or well water after settling, removing sediment, disinfection and sterilization, is also hard water. When the water boils, some of it evaporates, and the calcium sulfate, which is not soluble, settles down. The original dissolved calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate decompose in boiling water, release carbon dioxide, become insoluble calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide precipitate, this is the origin of scale.

Scale always make the water tank looks dirty and it is harm to human being health. A magnetic water treatment for scale prevention can help us to reduce scale. Magnetized water is a kind of water that is magnetized by a magnetic field. It is divided into natural magnetized water and artificial magnetized water. Magnetized water is not easy to scale, can prevent the generation of scale.


The reason why magnetized water can prevent scale is that the hydrogen bond in calcium bicarbonate dissolved in water under the action of magnetic field is partially destroyed and the cation polarization force increases, the ionization balance of water changes, and the colloidal calcium carbonate particles with negative charge are formed in water. When the magnetic treatment effect appears, the particles precipitated in the fluid are fine and dispersed, and the size of the particles can be regarded as the colloid range. The magnetic field treatment plays an important role in the formation of the double electric layer on the surface of colloidal particles, so that the former particles formed and disappeared continuously because of the formation of metastable state of the double electric layer on the surface to a more stable existence.


Benefits of Magnetic Water Softeners:

* Reduce water usage by minimum 10% and up to 30%               * Reduce fertilizer usage              * Prevent and remove scaling from irrigation pipes                           

* Reduce pesticide and herbicide usage                             * Increase yields by at least 10%    * Soil desalinization takes effect in the first year 1/1.5 meters   

* Improve taste of produce                                        * Increase shelf life of produce       * Increase nutrient content in produce

* Improve soil pH and remove/dissolve impurities from soils year after year   * Increase fine root growth   * Increase weight and reduce disease in agriculture industry        

* Drastically reduce heat stress                            * Increase water flow          * Increase seed germination percentage and speed of seedling emergence


Dailymag Magnetic water treatment is Able to magnetize water effectively, suitable for 1/2”-3” pipes whatever for home use or industrial use.