Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Dailymag Magnetics offers excellent selection of Magnetic Lifters, including Universal Magnetic Lifter, Super Magnetic Lifter, TMC Magnetic Lifter, Powerful Magnetic Lifter and other magnetic lifter tools.

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Choose your suitable Magnetic Lifter (Permanent Magnetic Lifter)

Item No. Rated Lifting Strength(KGF) Rated Cylindrical Lifring Strength(KGF) Max Pull off Strength(KGF) Dead Weight(LGS)
PM-1 100 50 350 3
PML-3 300 150 1050 10
PML-6 600 300 2100 21
PML-10 1000 500 3500 34
PML-20 2000 1000 7000 82
PML-30 3000 1500 10500 150
PML-60 6000 3000 21000 360

Dailymag Magnetics offers excellent selection of Magnetic Lifters, including Universal Magnetic Lifter, Super Magnetic Lifter, TMC Magnetic Lifter, Powerful Magnetic Lifter and other magnetic lifter tools. Our Magnet Lifters have strong magnetic path made by strong NdFeB magnetic material which supply permanent power. Our permanent magnetic lifters are made use of in a variety of industries. Our permanent magnetic lifters can hoist iron, steel blocks, cylinder and others and provide a quick and convenient method of loading, unloading, and moving. Our permanent magnetic lifters are the most ideal lifting equipment for factories, warehouses, docks and transportation.

1. Universal Magnetic Lifter   (Permanent Magnetic Lifter)

Magnetic Lifter, Permanent Magnetic Lifter

• Use to lift and transport steel and iron for  factories, docks, warehouses, transportation

and more.

• Turning the manual handle activates or turns  off the magnet.

• Strong attraction gives this tool a powerful lifting  ability while it’s small size and light weight

makes it easy and safe to operate. Effective for  long periods with no need for a power supply.

• Permanent magnet.

1. The safe coefficient of magnet lifter is 3.5.

2. Dimension can be changed if client requiring.

3. PML-60 can be made according to customers' requirements.

2. Two-magnetic circuit Magnetic lifter   (Permanent Magnetic Lifter)


Compared with universal magnetic lifters, two-magnetic circuit magnetic lifters adopt Two-Magnetic Cycle Technology that can obtain more uniform output of magnetic force. When you lifter steel sheet or other ferrite material with rough surface, it is very easy to operate the handle, you can use very light force to roll the handle for opening or closing and let your work very safe and convenient. 

It is new design, and we can manufacture lifting magnets according to customers requirement.

Item No.

Rated lifting strength(kgf)

Max. pull-off strength(kgf)




Magnetic Circuit

Dead weight (kg)

























3. Super Magnetic lifter (Permanent Magnetic Lifter)

Item No.

Rated lifting strength (kgf)

Cylindrical lifting strength(kgf)

Max. pull-off strength(kgf)









Dead weight(kg)


































































Dailymag manufacture super 300KGF, 600KGF, 1000KGF, 1500KGF, 2000KGF Magnetic lifters for worldwide customers.This type of Magnetic Lifters have very good quality and nice appearance, and the price is a little higher than universal type.

The safe coefficient of magnet lifter is 3.5

How to distinguish between high-quality permanent magnet lifter and inferior permanent magnet lifter?

The core component of the permanent magnet lifter is Neodymium magnet. Neodymium belongs to rare earth metal. The mining rights of rare earths are now controlled by state-owned enterprises, with Minmetals Rare Earths in the south and Baosteel Rare Earths in the north in China. And a few part circulating material on the market are sludge produced by machining in processing plants.

It looks same magnet with similar magnetic force. Why there are some magnetic lifers the magnetic force decays significantly after used for a period like 2-3 months? or even 1 month?

Because in inferior producer, their neodymium magnets are doped with other cheap materials, non-rare metals, the Hcj value of the neodymium is ver poor, much lower than the standard value, they can maintain the Gaussian value in a short time, but after two or three months, the magnetic force will be unstable and begin to attenuate. 

The product will be NOT as good as before after one year. At that time, users can just feel the difference between the products of good suppliers and those of inferior suppliers.

You can investigate whether your friend or colleague who have purchased cheap lifters and whether they have similar experience.

Of course, using lower grade Carbon steel materials for the hardware shell of the lifter is also a way to reduce cost.

Dailymag magnetic lifters could used for 5+ years under 60 degrees Celsius(Normal grade neodymium magnets are 80 degrees Celsius temperature resistant), you can also check with customers who have purchased Dailymag magnetic lifters, if the units still working well, if the customers are very satisfied with Dailymag products.

Dailymag guarantee that our magnetic lifters use Top grade N52 Neodymium magnets, Intrinsic Coercive Force Hcj value≥ 876kA/m (≥11kOe). Magnetic safety factor is 3.5 times as marked. 3.5 times is International standard requirements.

How to choose a permanent magnet lifter which could meet your budget?

First of all, determine the magnetic force requirements of your working environment, the price of different magnetic capacity magnetic lifters have big difference, product price is proportional to the nominal magnetic force. If you often lift cylindrical steel pipes, usually around 1000kg, then you should choose PML-10 1000kg model. If you basically lift square billets, then you choose PML-6 600kg model is enough, because the Dailymag magnetic lifter has 3.5 times safety factor, it can pull up a flat square billet weight 600x3.5=2100kg.

In addition, for loose parts, you can choose the most suitable model magnetic lifter according to the weight of the iron parts you will probably handle at one time.

Secondly, If you still have limited product cost tolerance, you can request to reduce the product's magnetic safety factor to 3.0 or 2.8, and the product can still work safely in most work environments. In this way, we can reduce the size of the assembled magnet and reduce the product cost to reach your budget.


Permanent Magnetic lifters
It is a compact device that uses effective technology that can be used in industries or any mode of factories to lift or transport any steel or iron materials. Its quality makes this device very safe to use. Maximum work can be achieved by using this device without wasting much time. This is generally used to separate steel articles or ferrous articles from a heap and to make some further use of it. 

Why should we choose Permanent Magnetic lifters?
1. Due to the availability of small size this can be used in small handling spaces. And therefore in a clumsy place, we can use this conveniently without much problem and work comfortably.
2. This magnetic lifters was designed effectively, therefore safe for both men and the device. This provides a handle to work with and also supports lock position which makes it secure. And also the handle is well gripped which is comfortable for the user to operate. 
3. No electricity is needed due to the presence of the permanent to operate this device we don't have to deal with those bunch of wires that we usually have to do with other devices.
4. The device is controlled by the means of OFF and ON present in the handle provides an easy way to operate and to shut it down. 
5. Due to the high resistance, the lifting or transporting, or moving of the articles will be stable and easy. 
6. It proves to be working 3.5 times with improving the loading procedure and improving productivity. 
7. Due to the perfect size it is portable. For example, a steel article has to be removed which is quite far therefore you may take the device with you ignoring all the difficulties, and do the work accordingly.
How to use it?
The device works without electricity and therefore no issue with wires or plugs. This can be operated anywhere. Just to make it run smoothly you may place this on a plane or flat surface. This improves the working system with no difficulty. The device has a handle that is responsible for all the workings during the procedure. The handle is the main key to make it work. When the device is ON, the lifting magnet will build an ability to attract steel materials and for more safety, the LOCK POSITION is present in the handle to work with and to control the procedure smoothly and safely. Make sure the item which is lifted doesn't exceed the limit of the lifter of the device as the capacity of the device varies from model to model. Here the person who is operating the device may move the handle according to the need. During the procedure, you may lift or move the article which can be of steel or iron, and work accordingly. When you are done with the work then you may turn it OFF and therefore there will be no ability for the device to work. And slowly the device gets neutral and becomes stagnant. 

Description of the device
The device is efficiently designed and has few special abilities to notice. 
The unique handle design provides the user the special abilities to work with and access to work effectively. It includes alloy steel galvanized rings which are introduced to avoid rust, to give a more shiny look, and make it more durable. It includes a rotating shaft which ensures more security and smoothness of the work. It also includes a large permanent magnet which will not get demagnetize and helps to generate inner electricity to work as this is a device which works completely without electricity or power. The size also varies according to the capacity to hold the weight.

Practical use of The Permanent Magnet lifter:
In our lives, this device can be used to remove or lift or transport heavy or useless steel materials or iron articles. This is usually used in industries, factories, dockyards, or garbage bins. For example, there is a steel scrap lying in the road which is heavy enough and therefore it needs to be removed. At that time one can use this device to get rid of this problem easily without much labor and without removing this by hand as it is going to conserve much time as well. Thus, it plays a role in our lives simultaneously. 

1. It generally can carry articles of capacities of 1000 to 6000 according to models. Each model has a different size but every model is easy to deal with as it is in a perfect size and portable too. 
2. It is comparatively available in lightweight which means that this can be taken without any problem or difficulties. 
3. Due to the presence of a permanent magnet it will not get demagnetized easily therefore long survival. 
4. This can be used 3 to 3.5 times which also simultaneously improves productivity. 
5. It has a strong ability to perform well by attracting the articles as the magnet is strong enough and to move things according to the user. Also, the small volume makes the user comfortable to use. It is safe to operate as there is no use of electricity. It helps to conserve power as a result there is a saving of energy. Hence, it is a step towards smartness.

The device is convenient and safe to use. Hence, it is beneficial for the men to work less and save more time. Also, it helps people during tough times to deal with. The characteristics and the features make it a little comfortable to deal with the problems in an effective way. The device varies in working capacity accordingly. The more weight it holds the more effectively it works. Both devices work manually hence it is the full responsibility of the user to deal with. Hence everyone must use this as it helps to get rid of the problems within a little time. And therefore makes a person smarter and work efficient.

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